About RARR

Hi, I'm Heather

Rabbit Angels Rabbit Rescue started because of a Facebook post about a rabbit for sale. I didn't need the rabbit, but thought he was cute. Over a period of time Facebook continued to update me regularly as the post changed. Originally the price for the rabbit was $20. Then it dropped to $15. It went all the way down to $10. Lastly, "Someone take him before I set him free in the wild."

The bunny was a 9 month old Lionhead. It was the middle of winter and we were in a polar vortex. Releasing a domestic rabbit is dangerous and this bunny would most likely die. It became my mission to save his life. It was not the bunny's fault that his owner didn't want him and he had done nothing wrong. He was the leftover of a litter that did not sell. The rabbit was over 2 1/2 hours away from me and my car couldn't make the trip in the polar vortex. I spent countless hours networking and searching for a ride for him. When I finally found someone the driver got there and was given not one rabbit but TWO. The other was the mom.

Both bunnies were welcomed into our home with open arms. Unfortunately the baby passed shortly after due to the very poor care he had received before coming here. This set into motion a new mission for my life.

Rabbits have no choice who their owner will be. They have no control over the home or life they will have. They cannot protect themselves and cannot survive in the wild. They are completely dependent on humans, and truthfully, a lot of humans do not treat them properly.

My mission is to help rabbits in need, with love and compassion. To find them loving caring homes, and to help them live their remaining time in a better situation than the one they left. I also strive to educate rabbit owners/lovers and help them become better parents to their buns. Sharing my experiences so other people and rabbits can avoid some of the pain and heartache that comes with "experience".

RARR aims to provide a forever
home to domestic rabbits in need