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Ways you can help...

Ways To Help!


 Please check out our wishlists for items we need at the Rescue


Buy cool stuff for yourself:  

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Become a patron:

Rabbit Angels Rabbit Rescue on Patreon


Venmo: @RabbitAngelsRescue

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PayPal: RabbitAngelsRabbitRescue@yahoo.com

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Cash App: $RabbitAngels


Affiliate Link
Small Pet Select - From hay to treats to toys to grooming. They have everything you could need for your fluff ball.


If you are local to Kalamazoo we could use your help to clean cages, pet rabbits, feed and water the many rabbits we have at our rescue. Check out our Facebook events or message us if you would like to come out to help.



Have you been watching our Social Media and are wondering how you could help a rabbit in need of a home? As a rescue it is our mission to help our rabbits find a forever home. We prefer to have them in a foster home where they can learn proper home etiquette.

We request that fosters:
-Provide indoor housing (cage or playpen can be provided if needed)
-Care for the rabbit daily, including time out of cage/pen, daily pets and cleaning up after rabbit.
-Feed the rabbit daily including hay, pellets, and greens/fresh produce daily
-We request you to use a bowl for water
-Most of our rabbits have started or are litter trained, so a litter box should be available to them.
-Help to promote the rabbit for adoption by taking pictures of your rabbit and posting on, commenting on, and tagging our Facebook page (We do Foster Friday posts weekly)
-Be willing to bring the rabbit to meet and greet events
-Communicate with potential adopters and make the rabbit available for them to meet it.
-Join our foster Facebook group and chat to stay up to date with communications.

If you have considered getting a rabbit as a pet, this is a great way to test the waters before adoption.

If you have rabbit experience, and are willing to foster for us, please fill out the application.