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Rabbit Angels Application to Foster Rabbits

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First Name

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How did you find out about Rabbit Angels Rabbit Rescue?

Is anyone in your household allergic to rabbits or hay?*

How many people live in your home? What are the ages of any children?

Do you own or rent your home? *

Does anyone smoke inside of your home? *

If you rent, are pets allowed? Do you have permission from your landlord to keep rabbits?

Have you ever owned a rabbit in the past?

Do you have other pets in your home? What types of animals do you have? If you currently have rabbits, please describe them in detail, such as male or female, neutered or intact.

If you currently have a rabbit please indicate below if it:
  1. has ever been diagnosed with EC (Encephalitozoon cuniculi)
  2. has ever been diagnosed with pasturella
  3. is vaccinated for RHDV2

Will the foster rabbit(s) be around the other animal(s)?

What will you do with the rabbit(s) if you leave for an extended period of time, such as vacation?

What opportunities will the rabbit(s) have for exercise?

If you will be providing the housing, what type of pen, cage or set up do you have?
Please describe

Do you have experience trimming animal's nails? If not, are you willing to learn? *

Are you willing to bring the rabbit to events? *

Are you willing to help promote the rabbit for adoption, and promote the rescue? *

Please upload a copy of your drivers license or state id*

RARR has compiled a collection of helpful information on Rabbit Care tips, - please read through the resources. Do you have any initial questions?